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Meet the Team: Troy Mullins

Mr. Perfect will be regularly featuring a profile of our Board Members and Operations Team (as well as our BBQ Hosts). These gentlemen have been a big huge part of our foundations, some have been there since the early days.

Up this week is Troy Mullins.


How did you find out about Mr. Perfect?

I found out through Football out of all things. I use to play (when he was on the field - private joke) with Terry in a local team. From that moment I always followed its happenings and progress.

Why did you want to get involved?

I have always wanted to commit something back to society outside of just donating money. But I never really got off my backside and did anything about it.

Over the next couple of years I had a few traumatic experiences that occurred and I had to work through these. Upon that, Terry had reached out for some help with the day to day operations.

The charity was now more relevant to me than ever and the opportunity was now on a platter for me. Since then I have not looked back and am very fortunate to meet some of the people I have had from the Hosts that run the BBQs to the Board themselves.

Favourite memory of a Mr. Perfect Board Meeting?

For me, every Mr. Perfect Board Meeting is a good experience, there is always pure optimism and we always call out every we win we have (small or big).

Further to this, since the rapid growth we are having there is so much enthusiasm and energy in the room, you know everyone there is there for the right reason.

When you think of Mr. Perfect in 3 years time, what do you visualise?

I visualise overseas opportunities specifically in New Zealand, possibly South Africa and even England.

If we could offer a social and relaxed environment overseas for men to talk, I would personally get a huge sense of achievement. I would also like to see a development of a Ms/Mrs. Perfect brand eventually.

One piece of advice to a person debating whether to come along to a Meetup BBQ?

You will sit and think you are alone at certain times, but if you come to a Meetup BBQ you will find you are not alone and there is always a relaxed network of support around you.


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