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Meet The Board: Pete Regan

Mr. Perfect will be regularly featuring a profile of our Board Members (as well as our BBQ Hosts). These gentlemen have been a big huge part of our foundations, some have been there since the beginning.

Up this week is Pete Regan.

How did you find out about Mr. Perfect?

I have been part of Mr. Perfect since it’s creation. I was with Terry, about 5 years ago, in the Gilroys Hotel in Sydney, when he sheepishly told me and another friend that he had been seeing a Psychiatrist and writing anonymous blogs under the guise "Mr. Perfect".

I responded that I had been seeing one for years and our friend also shared their previous mental health challenges. This regular "bloke" conversation was one of the triggers that got Terry brainstorming Mr. Perfect.

Why did you want to get involved?

Essentially to help my mate bring his idea to reality. I loved the concept of Mr. Perfect and wanted to be involved in whatever role possible.

Following that first conversation I had with Terry in the pub, the first I had shared with anyone, I also knew I would get as much from Mr. Perfect as hopefully others would.

Favourite memory of a Mr. Perfect Board Meeting? (good or bad!)

Our never ending passionate discussions on the inclusion or exclusion of alcohol with any event, promotion or sponsorship opportunity. It is always an interesting chat, because this was an idea that started sat in a pub but we all understand the negative impacts of excessive alcohol and some our community's challenges. This always leads to a lengthy board meeting (sometimes shared over a beer!).

Our annual General Meeting and Strategy meetings are always a proud moment to see how far we have progressed every year. Last year was especially poignant, meeting a number of BBQ Hosts who are the real "boots on the ground".

When you think of Mr. Perfect in 3 years time, what do you visualise?

I am always pinching myself each year with our progression so it is difficult to gage. Hopefully we will have full-time staff and 100 BBQs per month.

One piece of advice to a person debating whether to come along to a Meetup BBQ?

If you are thinking about coming to a BBQ then well done on taking that first step.

It takes great strength to walk up to a group of strangers but if you can, you will not be a stranger within a few minutes, as every person there has done that same nervous walk.


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