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Meet the Board: Jeremy Hyman

Mr. Perfect will be regularly featuring a profile of our Board Members (as well as our BBQ Hosts). These gentlemen have been a big huge part of our foundations, some have been there since the beginning.

Up this week is Jeremy Hyman.


How did you find out about Mr. Perfect?

I found out about Mr. Perfect through my sister, who having met Terry, recommended he reach out to me.

Why did you want to get involved?

Terry’s enthusiasm was infectious and his words inspiring. I knew from the start he was going to achieve something amazing and Mr. Perfect sounded like an idea whose time had come.

Mr. Perfect connects with my own struggles in battling anxiety, so this was an incredible opportunity to help others in facilitating conversations that lighten the mental load and provide support.

Favourite memory of a Mr. Perfect Board Meeting?

No particular board meeting springs to mind rather they all demonstrate what’s possible when we build a community around an issue as important as mental health. Great things can be achieved.

When you think of Mr. Perfect in 3 years time, what do you visualise?

For me it is a question of scale. How much further will we reach to capture more men that need our services and support? I predict we will cover the whole of Australia in 3 years.

One piece of advice to a person debating whether to come along to a Meetup BBQ?

Don’t think about it, just do it. No matter what mental space you are in right now, you can guarantee others have similar experiences and can relate to you.


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