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Meet the BBQ Host: Ash Oakes

Mr. Perfect will be regularly featuring a short interview with our BBQ Hosts from right across Australia. These humans are pivotal in their communities to ensure we are serving and supporting as best we can.

Up this week is Ash Oakes.

What location do you host?

Benalla, NE Victoria.

How did you find out about Mr. Perfect?

Terry was on the "Be A Man" podcast with Gus Worland and Dr Happy (Dr Tim Sharp). Episode 5 - I highly recommend a listen.

Why did you want to get involved?

I heard Terry talking about what Mr. Perfect does and thought "this is EXACTLY what I need". There were no Meetup BBQs near me and I wanted to contribute somehow to this great charity so I asked if I could host a BBQ in Benalla.

Favourite memory of a Meetup BBQ?

Every person we have met at the BBQs! My goal was to help one person in a small way. People choosing to come to the BBQs makes me feel very privileged to be a Mr. P Host.

One piece of advice to a person debating whether to come along to a Meetup BBQ?

I will offer two bits of advice.

You will not regret it. As hard as it feels to walk up to a Mr. P Jost or a group of people and say hi, you will be glad you did. YOU decide how much you share and how long you stay, there is no pressure to say or do anything.

If you are feeling unsure or anxious about attending a BBQ, make contact with your local host beforehand and have a chat - they should be able to help you feel more comfortable with a bit of information or assurance.


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