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Is Mr. Perfect Just For Men?

At Mr. Perfect we often get emails and messages asking if Mr. Perfect is only for men.

Of course, the clue is in the title that yes, we are focused on men’s mental health and their support, but this is a tiny piece of the puzzle.

Below are some reasons why Mr. Perfect is not just for men:

Partner Support

A sizeable amount of the men that attend our Meetup BBQs may have partners, predominantly women. The effects of a man’s poor mental health or illness has a monumental, but often unspoken effect on their partners. Often, they have absorbed some of this trauma and have seen their loved ones at their best and worst.


We often have partners attend Meetup BBQs and they need as much support as men do, or they learn something new from attending. This is not “secret men’s business” and some of our attendees share stories that can connect us all. Interestingly our following on social media is only slightly less female than male.

Meetup BBQ Facilitators

Our Facilitators that lead the Meetup BBQs are mainly men, however we currently have two females that have been incredible, positive ambassadors for what we do. We will never turn away this support.


Women talk more and communicate the deeper stuff better. It’s that simple. So if they can be a messenger for the work we do at Mr. Perfect to their partners, families, friends, work colleagues and more, then we will be eternally grateful. Often we receive emails from women concerned about male friends asking more about what we do.


We are in this together. Mr. Perfect does not believe in a divide or pitting men against women, neither do we believe in virtue signalling. Our actions will speak louder than our words. Strong, supportive communities that can take care of those that need it, need a range of personalities and characters.

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