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How Do You Get Things Off Your Chest? (Part Two)

A couple of months ago we asked our Mr. Perfect community what they do to "get things off their chest" to improve their mental health.

Since our community has grown substantially, we asked again. Check out their suggestions below:


  • I look at the challenging times as an opportunity to grow and then go to the gym. I feel great after it.
  • I have an A4 notebook that I write things in. I do not ever go back and read what I have written. I just find it helpful to get that stuff out of my mind.
  • When I was going through a bad time it was suggested I do the same, I actually started writing stories, kids stories mostly, my grandkids all read them. But it helped me so much.
  • An occasional beer with mates (note, not ten beers!)
  • Sport works for me.


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