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How Do You Get Things Off Your Chest?

When the going gets tough, not just externally but internally inside our minds, we can be vulnerable to expend that negative energy in damaging ways, ways that are self-destructive and for others close to us too.

It takes time, practice, patience and clear intent to train yourself to find the best ways to get thing off your chest in a productive way.

Personally this is still a work in progress for me, but generally I try to take myself physically to a place of quiet to breathe deeply and reset before verbalising anything. A long walk can also be one of my most effective tools, allowing me to expend any negative thoughts and return with a clearer, calmer mind. 

Mr. Perfect asked our online community to suggest what works for them. Check out a selection of their thoughts below:


  • Allow myself to feel and not resist or fight the chaos & acknowledge that I have no control of all conceivable outcomes. Once that passes, reassess what the first thing is that needs to be done and do it.
  • I also find playing my guitar lets me express myself. Music is great therapy.
  • Writing in a journal is good if you do not have good friends who you can talk to about heavy stuff. Sometimes its just necessity to keep going because people rely on you, which can be hard, but a good motivation too.
  • Stoicism. Reflecting on the day, not becoming caught up in the moment, holding judgment until calmer heads prevail. Asking myself what am I going to do today. Reflecting on what did I do today.
  • Breathe. Get into nature. Exercise. It does not solve all my problems but it allows me to come at them with a better perspective.


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