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Dr. Perfect: Meet Dr Jas Saini

At Mr. Perfect we regularly communicate our non-clinical purpose, but of course, seeing a healthcare professional if your mental health becomes poor is a vital part of your strategy and toolbox.

So here is our Dr. Perfect series, and you may not be surprised to learn that Doctors need as much support, connection and community as we do.

Say hello to Dr Jas Saini, an Australian-Trained GP, having graduated from Monash University in Melbourne and completed his Fellowship in General Practice in 2015.

Alongside his wife, he is the proud practice owner of Rosedale Medical Practice in West Pennant Hills. Dr Saini has a special interest in the physical, mental and emotional health of men of all ages, and he thoroughly enjoys having conversations with men about important topics such as vulnerability and manhood.

Outside of work, Dr Saini enjoys spending time with his wife and triplet daughters, going to the gym, reading and travelling.


How did you hear about Mr. Perfect?

I first found out about Mr. Perfect through Terry’s posts on LinkedIn. It has been wonderful to see this work evolve over the last few years, and make a really positive impact by bringing men together. I love the idea of encouraging conversation in a relaxed social setting such as a BBQ. I am glad to see that Mr Perfect offers support through its online forums. As a busy father, I would find it a lot easier to jump online and chat with other blokes in a supportive, well-facilitated environment.

What made you choose the medical specialty you did?

Indecision. I fell in love with most things I did in medicine and for a while, entertained the idea of being a surgeon, paediatrician or critical care physician.

General practice offered me a generalist pathway which ensured that I could continue to “dip my toes” in a variety of things.

I’ve since realised that what I really enjoy about being a GP is the ability to form long-term, meaningful relationships with my patients and journey with them through the various challenges of their lives. No one day is like any other and the specialty is full of surprises. Much like life I suppose!

As a new practice owner, I feel particularly grateful for the trust my patients and team have in me, as well as the incredible opportunity to transform the way health care is practiced.

If there was one superpower you wish you had for patients, what would it be?

I believe the real art of general practice is in carefully constructed conversations that inspire, motivate and transform individuals’ thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

My ideal superpower? Being able to strike that perfect balance between really honest and vulnerable, yet uplifting conversations that inspire my patients to shift the direction of their lives to doing what really matters to them.

What does connection and community mean to you?

Personally, it is recognising that I don’t have to do it alone. I’ve had my fair share of emotional challenges, and I struggled the most when I tried to navigate them myself. Having a support network is crucial. My mentor Dr Jack Cochran calls it the “coalition of courageous colleagues.” I love that. People that you can lean on when times get tough, and who will continue to motivate and encourage you, but also challenge you.

That last bit is important. If I’m not doing something right, or could be doing something better, I want to know about it. There is always room for improvement.

If you had one piece of advice or quote that you think is helpful in times of struggle, what is it?

All things, good and bad, come to pass. I read somewhere once that had we the choice, we would not have chosen to struggle. However, we learn an immeasurable amount from our struggles, and more than anything else, they define who we are.

It is validating to reflect on where we have come from, and where we are going. Our struggles are the pit stops on the journey. There to challenge us, help us learn, and help us grow into the person we need to become to reach the next stage of our lives. I’d like to think that my life challenges have made me a better doctor too.


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