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Board Updates: Ilan Hurwitz

It is with mixed emotions the Mr. Perfect Board says goodbye to this gent, Ilan Hurwitz, after almost 5 years.

Originally a "football friend" of mine, he quietly, gradually, became more vocal when I started Mr. Perfect and was there to support its founding, the first BBQ, the first trivia night, and since, has been the greatest help to me to call on for hands on support but also strategic ideas. Always thoughtful, respectful and selfless, Ilan gives way more than he gets back to important causes (much like his family).

Ilan, I have always respected you mate (even when hearing how loud you can be after a few shandies) and one of the biggest things that anyone has ever said to me that stuck deep inside, was something you surprised me with when we were discussing a contentious issue last year. You stood firm: "Tel, I won't be scared of having my say, it may not be the popular thing, but I will make sure it's the right thing".

If that is not impactful to a man, I don't know what is.

Thank you buddy, from me personally, and from Mr. Perfect.

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