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BBQ Connection Tips For Introverts

A BBQ can be a great place to connect especially if you are an introvert. Reach out to others by asking non-threatening “ignitor” questions like:

- What is your area of expertise?
- Do you have any pets?
- What are their names?
- Tell me about your hobbies.
- Have you lived here all your life?
- How’d you meet your Significant Other?
- Who is your favorite Entertainer?
- Favorite sports team’s?
- Where is your most beautiful place?

Non-threatening questions can start a conversation flowing. Stay away from political, religious or other hot button topics that can create friction and end conversations before they really get a chance to start.
By Damian Birkel 
A three time Nationally Career Counselor, a HarperCollins Leadership Author and the Founder of the nonprofit Professionals In Transition®; which is one of the oldest nonprofit organisations in America dedicated exclusively to helping the unemployed and the unemployed since 1992.

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