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5 Reasons to Attend a Mr. Perfect BBQ

I and the guys involved with the running of Mr. Perfect have guesstimated it can take months, sometimes pushing on a year, for people to follow our "brand" and suss us out before attending a BBQ.

To attempt to speed up that process, we have included the top reasons we think you should come sooner!:


The Great Outdoors

When you live in Australia, getting out and about is generally a good move, instead of being cooped up inside between four walls. Not to mention all that Vitamin D can help with muscle weakness, pain, fatigue and depression.


You are always guaranteed a friendly face and more often than not, the listening ear of someone that has had it tough or going through similar. Empathy and support can be a damn good (and effective) medicine.


One to one conversations and engagement is a given, but so is the support of a wider group. Lets say you meet 7 different people at the BBQ; that group in some instances has bonded over many BBQs and can even meet outside of Mr. Perfect for coffee, movies, a beer and more. You can multiply that effect when you see how many great people are in our online Facebook community too.

A Feed

Although the BBQ is essentially the vehicle of how we deliver Mr. Perfect's "service", you cannot deny a couple of simple sausage sandwiches go down an absolute treat. On some occasions and at some locations, the Hosts go all out and provide a culinary experience for the ages!

A Freebie

Who doesn't love one? If you come to three BBQs in a row just let the Host know and we will send you a Mr. Perfect tee shirt (this offer is returning in 2020 once we secure a new cost-effective supplier!).


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