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2020 National Men’s Health Gathering

You may or may not have seen the news on our social updates recently, but Mr. Perfect, I and Peter Regan (Board Member) will not only be attending the 2020 National Men's Health Gathering but also presenting at it.

The event also incorporates the 13th National Men’s Health Conference and the 10th Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Male Health Convention.

As football (soccer) was integral to the beginnings of Mr. Perfect, and lives on in our brother organisation MRP FC (formerly Mr. Perfect FC), we will be talking about an exploring "Mentally Healthy Footy".

Aside from that we cannot wait to meet familiar names, organisations and faces that are all doing their part for the betterment of men's health across Australia, with the event convened by the Australian Men's Health Forum (AMHF).

If you are interested in attending and immersing yourself in all things men's health you can find out more here and buy your ticket:


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